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Playing With Pods

What is Pods? I have written about Pods before, but I decided to rewrite and combine all the info I have gathered on using it, into one concise post. It will probably be ongoing, whenever I learn a new way to do things with it. This post assumes you know what post types are and […]

Custom Fields with Pods

This post assumes you know what post-types, custom fields, and taxonomies are. Google them for more knowledge, and read the first article in this series. I tried to make this post as friendly as possible with front end developers in mind. So forgive the fact that I explain a bit too much and perhaps a bit […]

Starting with Pods

I have been using Pods for quite some time now and I cannot imagine creating a personal site or a private theme without it! I have decided to document all that I do with it, so that I and perhaps others can gain from it and always have it at their disposal. What started out […]