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Welcome to SaltnPixels

Where Websites Are Created and Ideas Are Born.
My name is Eric and I can help you get that dream site you’ve always wanted.


What I Do

At SaltnPixels I am dedicated to creating top-notch websites that look good and function properly on all devices, from large desktop to small mobile.

By combining the right ingredients of good design and proper coding and development, I can cook up a solution to solve your problems visually and effectively to create a stunning site!

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How I do it

My process involves treating every website or design as a problem needed to be solved. With communication and understanding, I work passionately to design and develop something special. I don’t just throw some pixels together and wipe my hands clean.

I take pride in what I do. All my sites are designed and developed from the ground up! No templates! This ensures you have a unique site that stands out from the crowd.

One amazing website coming up!

At SaltnPixels, your site is designed with the utmost care and with attention to detail. When the design is ready to be coded, it is developed properly with scalability in mind. This way your site becomes an experience that’s hard for visitors to ever want to leave!

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What I Use

For design I use Sketch, sometimes Photoshop. For Development I use WordPress as my content management system. I create my own themes from scratch using html5, css, php, and some javascript. Sometimes I build on top of starter themes such as underscores, or my own Sea salt press.

You Have No Idea What That Stuff Means!

That’s ok! You don’t need to!

But if you wanted to, I would be super excited to explain how all this stuff works and how your site functions. Because another passion of mine is educating and learning more and more about web technology. When I am not designing or developing I am writing about it!